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Have you heard about the

Michigan State 4-H Horse Show?


What is it?


·         The Michigan State 4-H Horse Show brings together Delegates from each county.

·         Also includes Symposium competition

o   Scrapbook, Creative Writing, and State Horse Show T-shirt Logo Design


When is it?


·          - All Gymkhana classes

·          – All Senior Showmanship, Equitation, Pleasure, Trail, Dressage, and all ages Western Riding

·         – All Junior Showmanship, Equitation, Pleasure, Trail, and Dressage

·         Also available: Saturday: Miniature Horse; Sunday: P.E.P.

o   See Cathy McGeen for details if interested in these competitions.

·         Delegates may only compete 1 day of the event.  You are able to arrive the night before (generally after 6:30 PM) and must depart 1/2 hour after your last class concludes.


Where is it?


·         This event is held at the MSU Pavilion on the Michigan State University campus.


Who can participate?


·         Registered Oakland County 4-H members ages 13 – 19 that are identified as Delegates.

·         Junior 13-15 years old

·         Senior 16-19 years old


Why would I want to do this?


·         To represent Oakland County’s finest riders. 

·         To get to know other 4-H riders from all around Michigan.


How do I get to be a Delegate?


·         You must meet the 2016 Oakland County Eligibility Criteria

·         Oakland County has a limited number of Delegates that can participate.  A Selection Criteria has been created in the event that there are more Oakland 4-H Riders that want to attend than we have Delegate positions.


Contact Cathy McGeen for more information.  
(247) 766-5442 or bungeemom@gmail.com

Click here for State 4H Eligibility Criteria Sheet

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